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Buy a Pre-Owned Hybrid or Electric Vehicle in Tewksbury

Some people look for the fastest cars. Others look for the most efficient. And if you're the latter, then you've stumbled upon a goldmine. At Eco Auto, we specialize in offering the most fuel-efficient pre-owned vehicles in Tewksbury. And by that, we mean a pre-owned inventory full of hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs). Improved traveling distance, better gas mileage, and convenient technology are just three things that describe what we have. And soon, one of these phenomenal choices can be parked in your driveway.

Better Efficiency and Convenient Recharging

Fuel efficiency is invaluable. If you could cut your traveling expenses in half while commuting from Boston to Andover, would you do it? EVs and hybrids cut down on fuel prices while pushing your vehicle to limits that most gas-powered vehicles can't reach. But each of them is powered differently. So, one could be better suited for your needs.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles differ from their EV cousins in one thing: dual motors. But they're not entirely the same. Plug-in hybrid models employ a larger car battery as the primary power source. When the battery dies, the gas-powered motor takes over.

In a full hybrid, the battery is smaller and delivers battery when traveling at low speeds. So, it's optimal for driving in the city. Full hybrids also recharge their battery through regenerative braking. Each time you utilize your brakes, your battery power will replenish.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles rely on a sole power source-electric. It eliminates trips to the gas station and cuts vehicle emissions. And the home charging setup allows for convenient recharging while quick charging is available in public charging ports. It's a great choice for people who plan on doing most of their driving in the city or rarely travel long distances.

Fuel Efficient Inventory

We have a full selection of electric and Hybrid inventory from a variety of automakers. We have high-performance luxury models from Tesla and top-notch, efficient selections from Toyota and Chrysler. If you're looking for an SUV, hatchback, or sedan with exceptional gas mileage and convenience, we've got plenty to choose from at Eco Auto.

You can check out our featured pre-owned models or browse through our general pre-owned inventory. We're sure that, one way or the other, you'll find a vehicle that suits your needs in Andover.

Eco Auto

Are you ready to cut your vehicle ownership expenses? There's a better way to drive right here at Eco Auto. Because when you drive green, you save green. You can stop by and test-drive any of our hybrid or EV models today. If you haven't experienced a better way to drive, now is the time.